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Residential Competition

Residential Broadband CompetitionConsumers are demanding more broadband connectivity options and faster speeds. As a result, residential competition is a targeted focus for many broadband providers. New technologies have simplified bundling options as well. Providers can blend fixed and mobile voice, video, and data availability into attractive platforms which generate a competitive edge.

Industry Statistics   Source
Residential Broadband Competition
Residential Fixed Connections
95.0 million
Mid-2016 FCC
Residential Fixed Connections by Technology
Percent of Residential Fixed Connections Cable Modem
Mid-2016 USTelecom, FCC
Percent of Residential Fixed Connections Wireline
Mid-2016 USTelecom, FCC
Percent of Residential Fixed Connections Other
Mid-2016 USTelecom, FCC
Residential Mobile Broadband Connections
210.2 million
End 2015 FCC
Percent of Phone Households Wireless Only
End 2016 Est.
USTelecom, CDC
Percent of Phone Households Landline Other than ILEC Switched (Cable, Over-the-Top, and ILEC VoIP)
End 2016 Est.
USTelecom, FCC
Percent of Phone Households ILEC Switched
End 2016 Est.
USTelecom, FCC, CDC

 Chart: Historical Residential Voice Data