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Is Your Wi-Fi Costing You Customers?

As bandwidth demand explodes, broadband service delivery has become the next competitive battleground for traditional carriers, converged service providers and disruptive players looking to capture customer mindshare. However, residential and business users, who primarily connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi see problems with Wi-Fi connectivity as reflective of a poor service provider experience. In many instances, poor experience with Wi-Fi can result in customers either dropping service or even result in costly truck rolls and call center overload.

Join ADTRAN and USTelecom to better understand the underlying causes of typical Wi-Fi related problems as well as technologies we are leveraging to maximize user experience. We will outline how self-optimizing network (SON) technologies completely automate Wi-Fi setup and management, intelligently optimize performance for all devices, and support expanded coverage and seamless roaming across extended areas. Only upon mastering the last 50 to 75 feet of connectivity can service providers deliver the quality of experience.

Jeremy Harris

Webinar Sponsored by ADTRAN

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